Monday, September 5, 2011

India's Muslim population above 200 million or 20 crores!

Map showing Muslim concentration in districts*
Is the population of Muslims in India over 200 million or 20 crores? The US government feels that the Indian Muslims account for more than 13.4% of the country's population.

Times of India report says that US authorities believe that there are many more Muslims in India than are officially stated and there population could be substantially higher than the figure which is generally reported.

The census 2001 suggested that India had 138 million Muslims. But a wikileaks cable revealed that American government feels that this figure may not be accurate and the numbers of Muslim could have been under-reported.

The report further says that Muslim population could be around 180 million or 18 crores in India. But given the fact that the census 2011 report is nearing, the Indian Muslims could now be accounting well over 200 million, as a decade has passed since the last census.

The estimated Muslim population on the basis of around 30% decennial increase in the community in India, takes the figure to230-240 million (23-24 crore) right now, which means that Indian Muslims easily outnumber Pakistani Muslims, and could also be more numerous than Muslims in Indonesia.

This could turn India into the country with the largest Muslim population. It is just a view and an estimate. The real picture will be known when the Census 2011 figures for religions and religious adherents are released in the coming months.

*The darker the colour, the higher is the percentage of Muslims in the particular district.


  1. Thank you for creating this website.

    However we Indian Muslims know the gov't of India deliberately and intentionally under counts the minority population.

    It could be because of lack of resources, enumerators (census takers)don't go to remote villages, or simply as was recently published in an investigation the enumerators simply don't write down the religion if the respondent answers Islam. Of course this does not to the vast majority of enumerators are guilty of this, but even if it exists, its a problem and begs the question how do you prevent that fromh happening?

    One thing is undeniable though, discrimination against lower castes and Muslims in particular is institutionalized in many parts of India; including amongst elites, police, and some business leaders who go as far as deny the communal genocide of Gujarat and hail the criminal demagogue Narendra Modi as a "reformer."

    1. So in your view what's the current Muslim population of India in 2017 24%?

      bcoz it looks like that.

      Tell me ur view on it.

  2. at independence pakistan had 43 million muslim and at 3.067% avg annual growth rate has grown to 182 million
    in india at time of independence as british census had 47 million muslim which even if we consider pakistan's and indian rate same, which ofcourse is not the case it comes to 182 million and add to it 20 million bangladeshi refugee it comes to 200 million at maximum
    now where cones data of 240 million??????

    1. Everybody, specially, our middle class Hindu Brethren keep harping on "Bangladeshi". Is there some thing wrong in being "Bangladeshi"? They probably are somewhat poor, but do have a rich culture and the River Meghna has a very good variety of fish! Those who are blessed with a good life in India, should share their joy & happiness with less fortunate neighbors! who knows the wheels of fortune may reverse and Indians may become paupers and tomorrow may have to be on their doors for favors! Just a thought!

    2. As per you 40 million they turn to islam dear

    3. Then what was the point of partition? Indian is defined as non-muslims state so why bangladeshi Muslims where should hindus go from India?

    4. What Brethern Brethern Brether????

  3. Replies
    1. No my brother, Islam is the solution for the world.

  4. Religion is just a way an individual thinks and believes and it is one of his basic rights, why should we forget that : may be this individual does not think or believe all together, and that he only thought it was better to follow the common trend around him, just blend in the society.

    Why when it comes to religion we forget this basic simple things, Christianity,Hindusim,Islam etc forgive me for saying this , not matter how stupid one might think, that others way of thinking seems to be from where he stands, we have no right to usurp others rights to think the way it suits them, and certainly we have no right to insult or deride them, so far as they do not harm others, in which case rule of law decide and take proper action.
    We are all Indian and Love India no doubt about that,colonialist have succeeded in cutting few limbs of the great Hindustan with the help of our ignorance , was not that enough, hate breeds hate stop hating one another, take lesson from history at least near history, see what to happened to Yugoslavia, brothers of the same mother and father differ so what, it is human nature, certainly we can not ask 1.2 billion to be the same mind.

  5. Why are these maps sooooo tiny???? Hardly any detail can be seen in them. Please post much larger, clickable maps to enlarge and see

  6. For more details and bigger maps, kindly visit my blog:

  7. being a hindu live in Assam along with some of Bangladesi , they actually hide there origination but i came to know about them somehow . they are not that bad but poiticians are using them as an Ace. Most of Bangladeshi are poor and Illiterate , so they are easily being used by bloody traitors and conspirators , and once they are fed with the thought of polarisation b/w Hindu and muslims , they will never change there state of mind , and they will surely teach there children.
    Dear Muslims ,
    Please Be wise , and Act Gentle , Our PM Mr. Modi is not a Bad man . He saved 90% of trapped muslims in Kashmir whenit was completely flooded . recently he has Prposed a Fund of 10000 crores and i guess more than 90% muslims will be benefited, congress looted us for decades and killed our unity , I Still live in a slum area where 99% muslim resides and 96% of them are probably Bangladeshi , but they are not bad . they are simply surviving there lives , and fighting for land and food with others even if the opponent is a Muslim .
    dear Muslims,
    Your Own religion has been smashed in Syria , Iraq And Many Other countries only because of some silly backward propaganda based on religious views . In Syria Muslim Fights with isis(Muslims) , In France ISIS (Muslim) Fought and tried to destroyed christians, Now the Isis,LEt Etc Terrorist organisation(MUSLIMS) are tring to destry the unity . I Am Not blaming the whole Community but The men who are fighting are terrorist as well as Muslim . why ? why do you have such kind of thoughts ? Live and let live .
    Dear Muslims ,
    Most of Chines and Japanese population does not belong to any religion on this earth . and they are the happiest . Do not fight for religion , do not be polarised by any politician speech . do not even listen to them. just be wise and gentle .


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